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Veil Of Thorns – Enshroud Video

Between strenuous bouts of packing and endless calls, I took a combined half hour to create this psychedelic little video rorschach test. I may be leaving this as a test pattern for a while, as the move and the next comic will take up all of May, and from the begginning of June forward to the rest of the year has me super busy with things it that are to be left untold of for the moment.

There will be much more multi media coming your way after the release of “Manifestation Objective” sometime in June.

It’s helping me keep the stress level low having just recieved a most wonderful package from siiiiiii in the form of Ancient.

This is a piece of superior artistry and lovely darkness that has me by the throat and loving it. The recordings are from nearly 25 years ago that the band recently remastered. This is Goth with a big, Old English capital G that can be favorably compared with any of the classics of the genre and the performances are intense and cutting. The vocals are frightening at times, darkly seductive at others and unlike anyone I can think of.

Fifteen tracks, and still I want more.

I’ll be there for “Modern”!

If you don’t order a copy now, don’t come to me with how empty your life feels…

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