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I’m passing this on for the folks at Ballet Devaire in New York. they’re doing many new and exciting things and need support, lest the world be even more overrun by bland mass media and a Classical repertoire that consists of watered down versions of 1% of the output by three composers.

Dear Friend of Ballet Deviare:

As we bid welcome to another spring here at Ballet Deviare, we are writing to ask for your support of our work and mission.

Ballet Deviare’s mission is prompted by the fundamental desire to modify and expand the restrictions of ballet and to further legitimate heavy metal and extreme music as an art form. We deliberately stray from conventional ballet companies in that we offer a different experience, in terms of both choreography and music. We are the first ballet company that utilizes death, doom and grind metal as part of our permanent repertoire. The company also strives to cultivate and establish new audiences and to grant expanded artistic opportunities for talented dancers, choreographers, and composers.

Ballet Deviare was established in November 2003 and received not for profit status soon after. In less then three years we have had considerable successes, yet unfortunately we have also experienced financial hardship.

Among our myriad of accomplishments:

Produced and staged a production in December 2004 called Lightening the Dark and again in January 2006 Ballet Deviare produced and staged SEVEN. A quote from a SEVEN audience member, Then it was flowers for the girls and whiskey for boys as the show concluded to much applause, rightfully so. Meaning was realized here, whether intended or not, and somehow, no matter the inclination, one artifice was made tolerable through the translation of another. A true conquest. – Todd DePalma

Featured artist in a series of Sharts (Short Art Films) to be aired on MTV2.

Appeared in numerous publications including The New York Post and Decibel Magazine.

Support act for Opeth at The Town Hall in NYC February 23, 2006.

Received a select invitation to be a featured artist on ART or something like it! (a television series about artists of all genres, backgrounds and media) on CUNY TV for the second season of 2006.

Every time Ballet Deviare has performed it has been to a sold out audience.

But the past year also saw Ballet Deviare facing a budget deficit. A number of circumstances — including our company’s relative youth, the nationwide economic downturn, and the lack of support for the arts — converged to create this shortfall.

We are and have been taking a number of cost-cutting steps to ensure that Ballet Deviare can close this budget gap, while being careful not to sacrifice the quality of artistic expression. Ballet Deviare does not economically support any member of the company, but instead utilizes its funds to stage performances, lighting and sound equipment, venue rental, administration cost, and insurance.

For these expenses, we look to you for help and support. In the best of times, government and foundation grants, though extremely important, are not enough to meet our operating expenses. It has always been the ongoing generosity of individual donors like you and the personal sacrifices of company members that allow Ballet Deviare to thrive in the current climate. Gifts from individuals are more essential than ever.

Your gift now will ensure that Ballet Deviare will continue to be there to promote heavy music and to introduce ballet to a new audience.

Ballet Deviare Inc. is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit art organization, which means all donations are tax-deductible.
Checks and Money Orders – Please visit our myspace site or out website www.balletdeviare.org and click on the support link to view a printable donation form and to verify our legal status through organizations such as GuideStar.
Credit Card Donations – Click on the PayPal Donate button under “people I would like to meet” or on the support page of www.balletdeviare.org

The Entire BD!! Family

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Support the Arts and Extreme Music!!

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