I’m passibng on the word from Mick Mercer. You want this uis all I have to say. For a ridiculously low price you get more meaty substance than you’ll find in a warehouse full of Gothic BeautyTM:

The new issue of THE MICK should be up tomorrow, but in the meantime VOLUME 2 of the CD compilation series, housing all of 2005’s issues, is now available in my eBay shop. There’s a couple of hundred reviews in the 1164 pages but of course it’s mainly interviews, with:

1919, Abigail’s Mercy, Abney Park (twice), Acid Ice Flows, Albireon, All Living Fear, Angelspit, Ataraxia, Ausgang, Black Ice, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Blood Proxy, Bohemien, Calabrese, Carol Blaze, Caustic Pleasures, Choronzon, Deadchovsky, DHM, Doppelganger, Dwelling, Flipron, Hate In The Box, Hearts Fail, Human Disease, Ikon (twice), Invading Chapel, Jordan Reyne, Katzenjammer Kaberett, La Peste Negra, Lupercalia, Mephisto Walz, Miguel & The Living Dead, Monica’s Last Prayer (twice), Mothburner, Necrostellar, No Tears, Opera Macabre, Pins & Needles, Psychophile, Psydoll, Quidam, Redemption, Scarlet’s Remains, Secrecy, Shadowhouse, Siiiii, Spon (UK Decay), Tears Of The Dying, The Arid Sea, The Carpettes, The Clauberg Opera,
The Dirge Carolers, The Groaning, The Guests, The Last Dance (twice), The October Country, The Process Void, The Tunnel Of Love, The Way Of All Flesh, Tor Lundvall, Ultranoir, Uninvited Guest, Venus Fly Trap, Vernian Process, Veronique Diabolique, Villa Vortex, Vittorio Vandelli, Wednesday’s Child, Worm,
Zeitgeist Zero and Zombina & The Skeletones

As with Volume 1 there is an issue just to be foiund on the CD compilation, and this time Issue 24 offers a look back to the work I did for ZIGZAG magazine during 1980-1982, as 99% of you are too young ever to have seen these pieces before. This issue features Action Pact, THE ALARM, Toni Basil, BAUHAUS, BOW WOW WOW, Buck’s Fizz, Carpettes, Charge, Cheryl, Chron Gen, Cold Fish, CRAVATS, THE DAMNED, THE DANCING DID, The Dark, DEAD MAN’S SHADOW, The Destructors, Diamanda Galas, English Subtitles, FINISH THE STORY, Tony Fletcher, Flicknife, Fractured Glass, JOANNA LUMLEY, Martian Dance, MARTIN ATKINS, Medium Medium, THE MEMBRANES and Mystere Five.

One hell of a CD, and only £4.99. Now, I’m off to Lynda’s for ten days tomorrow, which obviously means CDs can’t be sent out until I return, but it’s first come first served, so get your orders in: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Mick-Mercer-Gothic-Punk_GOTHIC-and-PUNK-BOOK-CDS_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZ5QQftidZ2QQtZkm

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