There is a P. Emerson connection here that I’ll let you in on as I go further in the work. the walkthrough is available, and you need it more than you probably realize.

James Curcio talks of Fas Ferox and more here.

Fas Ferox press release

“Fas Ferox: A Modern-Day Mythology — World Walkthrough” Released as In-Depth Introduction to New Multimedia Graphic Novel Series and Internet Collective that Seeks to Blur the Lines Between Creator, Character, and Audience.

“The presentation is artistically exciting and deeply cool. I cannot wait to see how the world of Fas Ferox will finally feel when it arrives on our computer screens for people to interact with, to explore, to inhabit…”
–from the introduction by acclaimed author and creative consultant Neil Gaiman

Fas Ferox
(“Unbridled Divinity” [from Latin, fas divine command or law, fate, destiny; and ferox – spirited, wild or unbridled, free, fierce])

World Walkthrough
Orlando, FL, March 15, 2006 — Fas Ferox announces the release of its World Walkthrough, a full-color, stand-alone 28-page preface to the new multimedia graphic novel series and growing online collective at The in-depth introduction to “Fas Ferox: A Modern-Day Mythology” features an introduction by its creative consultant and one of the cult icons of the graphic novel genre, Neil Gaiman.

Creative Consultant: Neil Gaiman (
Author: Jason Stackhouse
Creative Director, Co-Author, Digital Compositing: James Curcio (
Creator/Producer: Anna Young (
Muse/Associate Producer: Kal Masunari
Various Artists including: Edson Campos, James Curcio, Andre Malkine, Christian Cordella, Daniela Starr, Lucy Kirkman

Format: Full-Color, 28 Pages, 6.9″ x 10.5″, saddle-stitch
Availability: Print-on-Demand (
$9.99 US, PDF download $3.09 US
ISBN: 1-4116-7838-9

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