I just want to point out some things I’m paying attention to, listening to while I get visual, work of folks i’m in touch with. My appologies to those of you who already know of all of this.

Thanks to everybody who sent me messages about the Veil Of Thorns album preview, the feedback is greatly appreciated.

I’ll be making all the VOT music posts friends only in a couple of weeks, and deleting them a while after that. There will be more sounds to the flist than to the general public in the future.

Niceville Have A New Site

Paul Devine, of Siiiii and Deep Valley Orgasm has announced the creation of http://www.niceville.co.uk/. There’s some excellent info on the band, pictures and more will be coming soon, I’m sure.

You can also hear Niceville at: http://www.myspace.com/niceville2

Fas Ferox

Posted by [info]agent139:

The Fas Ferox world walkthrough was released a couple weeks ago.

This is a full color, in-depth introduction to Fas Ferox, a multimedia graphic novel with a mythological, sci-fi, cyber theme. In a post-apocalyptic near future, explore the five realms of the universe: Divinity, Spirit, the Physical, Underworld and Dream, while meeting modern manifestations of demigods who walk among us. This cutting-edge epic is a riveting wake-up call to the archetypes in each and every one of us.
Introduction by Neil Gaiman. Creative Consultant: Neil Gaiman; Author: Jason Stackhouse; Co-Author/Creative Director: James Curcio; Creator/Producer: Anna Young; Associate Producer/Muse: Kal Masunari; various Artists including: Edson Campos.

You can order it directly from the printer here.

Episode one is presently in production.

The World Walkthrough is a gorgeous production with stunning art. You want to check it out.

My first foray into comics in years:

Book one of Chasing The Wish, the graphic novel based on David Szulborski’s popular ARG, will be released in late spring, 2006.

It will be available through Amazon, major bookstores, and if you’re lucky, a comic book store near you. It will be released through New Fiction press.

I’ll keep you all updated as we get closer to the publishing date.

What I’m Listening To Dept.

I’ve been listening a lot to the posthumous Babalon live album entitled “Dreams & Reflections”! This band features the monumentally talented James Curcio, Scott Landes , now of Collide, some truly stunning vocals and progressive music with an identity all its own. The CD is available through lulu

More of that varied exploratory spirit is to be found on subQtaneous, which has a few contributions including me under the direction of James and his co-producer on the project, Ken Schaefer. THere’ll be a lot more on that soon.

The folks from Permission Magazine have teamed up with Clint Catalyst, a man whose work you should aquaint yourself with of you don’t already know to bring us a wonderful podcast which you can find at: http://www.permissionradio.com.
(I believe Permission MAgazine were the folks who put out the compilation of Goth bands covering TV theme songs with the wonderful name “Felching A Dead Horse”.)

Clint Catalyst is reason enough to add it to your weekend listening, then the playlist is fantastic and full of raw, writhing, spiky life.

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