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(Edit: I’ve also updated the Audio Stream.)

I’m getting back to work here with slow but deliberate steps. The voice will be back in form in a couple of days, but I’m doing rough mixes of what I set down in digital sound early last week.

I’m also starting to visualize the artwork that is to accompany the album.

Is this one Goth? Hard saying, having listened to it a billion times while mixing it. I’m developing an ability to resist the blurghs, hurrghs, warghs and phllleeeegmmmms that a long abused larynx is wont to emit…

I’ll have some real news soon. I’m tweaking things in the background that shall be coolness itself if they work. Take this track onto your weekend and try it on the rocks:

Veil of Thorns – Worship Of Disclosure.mp3

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