The fine folks of SIIIIIIIIII have announced in their usual straight forward and charming way that their site is up and running, news which causes this fluffy little fella to feel great waves of warmth.

I remember hearing this odd name when I was a yow’un, but my attention was grabbed by this impassioned declaration by Mick Mercer, and have found the music to be dark, original and razor-sharp. Very pleasant and supportive folks, too.

Siiiiiiiiiiiii are pleased to announce that we now have a website. Via this we will keep you updated on everything Siiiiiiiiii.
To access the site please visit…

Thank you for your time.



And, the festering schmeg that functions as Rpert Murdock’s soul is redeemed by giving a venue for what is contained on the following pages. (Well, there’s really nothing that can be done to accmplish that, but their presence there is as good to have as that of Damien Youth and Jarboe, so I may gush…)

Now go and let them know you love them: