On the other hand, the things that came into being are turning out to be very, very exciting indeed. None of you have seen or heard my best work yet.

Don’t worry about my sanity, it’s never gonna come back… The following text is, like the previous, a rollicking delirium made up of things past, things written to me over the past five years.


More art.

Always more art…

We could talk more in the future. But I want to add something to your comment in your site. You are a satanist and that’s bad, don’t you know that christians say no no to satanism…i mean all the slaughters and marilyn manson…ooooo…and i forgot….pink floyd is SATANIC TOO…OH MY GOD…i suppose that means you and I are going to hell for our art eh….well….looking on the bright side, I bet at least no one is gonna have anything to say about our art in hell.

feature for amp is supposed to run next issue … i

Anyhoo, i’ll see you around…hope to be able to see more of those gorgeous art.

If i were to give you a normal 8.5 x 11 inch paper and divided them into 3 panels…how soon would it take you to draw a beautiful comic page, ALA James O Barr or something that looks very realistic?

and i’ll work up some questions for amp. (my first

in my collection. send me whatever background you have

Keep me posted with your artwork…it looks great!

think it’s my piece on unearth).

well, dude, your black metal cds are by far the best

I have been pretty much brought a christian myself. And at this point, the apocalyse is just something the church uses the instill fear into people so they would continue to be faithful believers. *shakes head*

Information awareness office

GothCon 2002 Feature


Anyhoo, nice to be of your acquaintance dear sir, I wish you all the best in your art and future endeavours


Department of Homeland Security


You’re right, I’m working my ass off. We have gotten some really good reviews. Here are some

will be released within the next month or two. Our problems with Me sound right now is that it sounds too much like an ‘indie’ film. So we are re-recording everything in the studio

Very nice…i cannot wait for the rest!



Anyway, have you read this before:

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