I rescued this from the long dead Gothicboston.org. The world needs more exquisite corpses, linguistic, visual and aural.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, a gorgeous, hilly place where Mary Baker Eddy lies buried in a coffin equipped with a telephone that functions. I wonder if she has call waiting.

Bedlam’s Among The Dead

The fourth Bedlam was held at Mt. Auburn Cemetary on a none too bad summer’s day. There’s a story behind the Exquisite Corpse’s title, “All I Can Say Is, ‘Thank God for Children and Baby Wipes’ “ … but you’ll have to find someone who’s willing to recount the whole sordid affair.

The scent of you haunts me wherever I turn

The twisting of your eyes so sublime

nothing much to do but sit and break your heart

our lives together never gotten a start

into the void we plunge to the depths of the unknown

cuddling illusions as if they were teddy bears

take the ashes of my memories and scatter them on some distant star

release the shadows not to be forgotten

locked out sick for trading moons away

and far from shining pools we strayed

stunned by the cold chemical shock of insect blood

and thrilled by the touch of a million tiny legs

and arms so frail and fragile, so soon shall break in the breeze

I’m only human — open-love.
I’m way punker than you.



Jen Kosloski

Tony Lee – (arcanus)

Gabriel Kim-Downs – (Vampire Endure)


Dark Dragon

Cris Concepcion – (c’ris)




Mike ? (not Hsieh)

Veil of Thorns

… those two other guys who were lounging in the Tower’s shadow

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