Many things about these tracks will be changing, and the swituation of its release shall be attended to in time. It’s feeling cute to me…

01. Reproach (Full of Hope)
02. My Inner Sanctum
03. Exaltation in Ascendancy
04. Worship of Disclosure
05. Manifestation Objective
06. Draw In, Wind Down
07. Dream Shadow
08. Can’t stop Laughing (The Beauty of Drowning)
09. Extend Inward, Breathe Out
10. Undergrowth Silent with Want
11. Fated, Cascading; Submerged
12. The Gathering World Withdrew Its Fury

Reproach (Full of Hope)

As all came
Crashing down,
We could not help but laugh
Reclaim vision,
Howl like wolves
Learn to love the crack of the lash

Draining blood to function on belief
Factious stream counter to all pleas
Chambers full, envy and returns distorted
On the sharp edge advance changes design

Holy, with indigent longing
The innocent
Break off,
Contemplating dispersions quelling

Deplete to pour out acts in certainty
Factious blood counters all entreaties
Hollow ravenous greed and profits twisted
Resting on the firmament adapts intention

My Inner Sanctum

In a shaded doorway
Watching the spirits at play,
Through a cracked and shimmering window to the world;
Through my surprise, welling up in my eyes:
Your soul;
Bleeding, old; a deep well of love:
Sepulchral, cold.

The crowning glory swathed in fear,
The brave action recoiling into futility.
To my knees glancing upward,
There flies pain: mine.

Deep ecstasy traces desire.
Hidden places, lost hold;
No one to sustain reality,
My love erases me.
I turn around to go,
The world around me flows through my body.
The bitter realization contains the happy seed: yes, me.

Weak and stumbling,
Gloriously breathing still dawn’s air,
That part of me now lost forever,
It wanders lonely in the dark.
Battle-weary I remain
Inconsistency remarked,
Though seemingly complete.
The soul bears not
Such vacuous conceit.
God damn you!
How can I bear to see your face?
Your every tear reveals my cowering disgrace.
To my knees, glancing inward:
My inner sanctum.

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