Coming from less generous types, this amount of material and brilliance would be a book, and damned expensive to boot. You must’ve been nice, for it’s given for free, though you can feel free to reward our Mick with some of the spoils of your dirty dealings this year.

Choronzon brings up the rear in the top records of the year with “Panic Pandemic”. Maybe Veil Of Thorns will see a re-emergence in 2006. I can promise nothing…

Love It!


You know I like to bring you the best that is out there with THE MICK? Well, PREPARE TO LEARN ABOUT A LOST GOTH CLASSIC! After twenty-something years The Siiiiiii tapes have surfaced like the world’s naughtiest submarine, and there could be a CD (or two) in the offing. Obviously you won’t have heard them, but let me assure you this represents something truly amazing. They were active during that original period but never even managed to release a single and, as with all the best bands back then, they were not like the other bands. Even saying cross Zero Le Creche with Ritual doesn’t explain it. Exclusive details can be found in this issue, along with…

1919 – on the comeback trail with a resounding success of a debut.

ABIGAIL’S MERCY – Goth Metal with plenty of edifying qualities.

ALBIREON – and their dark ethereal majesty.

DHM – the men behind the grandest post-punk album of the year.

FLIPRON – a detailed look at that dementedly brilliant debut album.

SIMON HOBART (R.I.P.) – a tribute by Kitkat DJ Thor.

MONICA’S LAST PRAYER – a wake for that dementedly disappeared last album.

THE GUESTS – Russian Goth you can all thrill and whirl to.

SAMMY CAT (R.I.P.) – a pictoral tribute through the years.

Siiiiiii – Paul Devine on them, The Niceville Tampa and Deep Valley Orgasm. (A piece to make you wriggle with excitement.)

THE TUNNEL OF LOVE – more creepy splendour from Jeff Wagner’s tortured attic of a mind.

Plus loads of cool pics and my top records of the year.

THE MICK 23 ~ the special Christmas issue ~ goes up tomorrow night.

Download, devour, dream of glory.