Soon there’ll be more news than you ever wanted to hear.

Veil Of Thorns has been pushed back into 2006, but it’s sounding prettypretty…

Let me at least drop some musick on you to accompany the season.

Choronzon – Tracks from Magog Agog and Era Vulgaris @

You can stream three of the ten files there to find out if it may appeal before going through the download. Betwwen that and what we’ve made available at Darkcell you’ll have most of Magog Agog and a taste of Era Vulgaris.

I must also highly recommend the Damnatus soundtrack, which includes Choronzon, Hexentanz, Green Carnation, Dargaard, Summoning and many other excellent artists.

Damnatus Soundtrack

I’m up to my neck at the moment, but some who know the more esoteric avenues I have been exploring for the last twenty years will see in a most startling way how what I’m working on now ties in with the whole.

Yes, I continue to be evasive and obscure…

In the meanwhile, you can listen to a couple of things that will put you in the correct state of mind to recieve the weirdness:

Radio Alchemy MP3


the Halloween 2004 Gagliarchives showwith an interview with Joseph Matheny and a ton of excellent prog, including Goblin, King Crimson, HAppy The Man and much more. It’s well worth it for either the music or the chaos theory, parallel universes and conspiracy theories.

Don’t let anyone tell ya I never gave you anything….

I have most wantonly and boldfacedly ripped this off from Gpod Radio, a place I think those few of you reading this who haven’t checked it out should.


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