I grabbed this from [info]lucifera. Several people I know have run afoul of the law while playing in Poland. It comes as no surprize that a Death Metal musician is targeted by the authorities there. The memory of Gorgoroth‘s trouble in Poland is still fresh.
Article here, and in Norwegian here.

I’ll let Lucifera give the details. I trust her opinion on this matter, as I know her strength and good judgement is something that is more reliable than any poxy journalist. Many of you reading this are in Poland. if any of you can help, get in touch with [info]lucifera and give her the info.



NYDM and all friends…..
I have found a few ways to collection donations for the Rahmer family.
If anyone knows Iris (NJ) or Crimson (Diane of CT) ask them what you can do.

Donations to help the family with legal fees and travel expenses may be sent to us
via the NYDM website:

I have to thank those who already have sent donations. I have my own money I plan to give to the family.

Right now although we are working with all the information everyone has sent us (thanks to those who sent useful information) we are now waiting to see what will happen.

Any developments I will let you know.
So far the polish news has tried to depict him as a monster. ANd those of us who really know him, know that that story doesn’t add up.

Anyway, thanks to all.


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