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This one has been hotly anticipated, and now, we bring it to you for free. Twisting caverns of Chaotic adventure await!

This is turning out to be either a fantastic or a terrible year for you, depending on how much you treasure order and knowing which way is down. Two Choronzon double albums in one year! [info]monde has created a neuro-labyrinth for you to traverse as you experince the chaos, and it has to be seen to be believed!

First a Panic Pandemic, then a New World Chaos. Makes sense to me.

You can hear it, lick it, smoke it, poke and prod it, read it and be eaten alive by it:

The album is simultaneously being podcast, the link is also to be found on the front page:
http://choronzon.org – just look to your right for the sidebar.

For all you who think you know the scope of the Choronzon project, this web transmission will prove you wrong. Many ripples were sent across this reality during the process of its creation, and we shall be feeling aftershocks for Aeons to come.

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Go and experience it now!!!

Choronzon_-_New_World_Chaos Realplayer Stream