I want to thank all who bought Choronzon and Veil Of Thorns CDs and downloads to benefit the folks of New Orleans. I realize the issues and limitations of Red Cross, but this is but the beginning.

In related news, Westgate have online commerce capabilities. The best way to help them out is to go there and purchase Necromantic Goodies such as books and art by Leilah Wendell, images of Azrael, books and music by Daniel Kemp, Mourning Jewelry and more!…

They have an amazing selection of beautiful items, and the books are classics. Get the Necromance book and see the portrait of Azrael by one P. Emerson Williams. It seems my best models come in from outside time and space…

Go there now!

The message I just got from Derek of CDBaby:

P. –

Just a short note to say THANK YOU for putting your CD sales in the
Red Cross charity.

In the end, it raised a total of $165,060 over the last 7 weeks, sent
directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund through our local
Portland Oregon branch.

(You should have seen their faces when we brought in that very first
check, in person, for $113,000!)

We quietly brought the special program to a close last night after
sending the last check, so we will go back to sending the entire
amount of your sales directly to you. Obviously, you can choose to
send the money wherever you want, if you wanted to keep donating your
income to charity. It’s just that we can’t do it for you anymore.

Thanks again.

Derek Sivers, CD Baby

P.S. We donated $40,000 of our own CD Baby money too, in case you
were wondering. So – altogether, that’s $165,060 from the artists,
$40,000 from CD Baby = $205,060 donated. I hope it helps!

Apropos of nothing, it has come to my attention that the person in charge of investigating doping charges for the Olympics Committee is named Dick Pound. What must grammar school been like for him….

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