While [info]monde uses her genius on the release of Choronzon_-_New_World_Chaos I’ll be quite busy in the foreseeable future. It will be well worth your while to bookmark the NWC page, and indeed, CHORONZON.ORG, as you will be in for an experience of expansion, collapse and rebirth.

I’m not exagerrating.

To quote:

WORLD CHAOS is COMING VERY, VERY SOON NOW: unlike MOST apocalypse-mongers,
we MEAN it.

MORE PATIENT than there’s any real right to ask of
you, this being OCTOBER already,
but these things do take time, and this one most so, as it is one of those
that you likely haven’t seen/heard many of since your youth (or that of
your folks.)
In order (and chaos) to bring you the most Intriguing and Involving Experience
of this first merged-Choronzon-project – this record of several Protracted
Rituals…ones that worked.
There needs to be a lot of web-work done, disks printed and all that bothersome
realworld stuff

Meanwhile, you want to check out http://www.choronzon.org/zdbi/ for the original transmission of Monde’s sonic Magery. What has been achieved through this meshing of Choronzonic currents knows no bounds. The next you hear, you’ll be experiencing it, as it pulls you outside your reality tunnels, kicking, screaming, laughing like Creamin’ Demons…

And as a parting shot for a while, a little exercise I did with something I swiped from [info]teevee:


1. Go to Google.
2. Type in “[your first name here] needs”
3. Search; allow hilarity to ensue.

Peter needs help… : Shirley MacLaine
Peter needs to save Dumbledore
Peter needs a semi-large, …
Peter needs to be the only dog in his new home …
Peter Needs an Impressive Stoppage Over Williams By Stephen Jones
Peter needs to press forward, much like Lamon Brewster, and bang away at
Klitschko’s body early. Peter isn’t fast, he isn’t polished, and he doesn’t …
Peter needs to work on his foot movement, and learn to box. …
And while Peter needs vast improvement in several areas,
Peter needs legal funds. He is facing serious federal charges and a lengthy prison sentence
Peter needs to know to “grow up”: Cultural Bubbles.
Peter needs Jesus to rehabilitate him, to forgive him, to make him new …
Peter needs this in order to carry out the work that Jesus is sending him to do. …
Peter needs to simply keep his sanity.
Peter needs to praise God. Peter needs to know that he is God’s servant.
Praise needs to motivate Peter physically.
Peter needs some love on this thread… hes really good at getting orders shipped out!
Peter needs weed
Peter needs help with sludge distribution:.
Peter needs a real life
Peter needs a soapbox.
Peter needs a stronger test or a larger mammal.
Peter needs to pay the Broncos soon. ..
Peter needs to start writing Buffy Books…
Peter needs to make Sergio come for him. …
Peter needs to learn now is that even though the presence of an attractive woman can do to a man what Tabasco sauce does to any sort of …
Peter needs to drink a lot during the day.