I’ve been digitally manipulating images more than is habitual with me lately. It fits the project and i will not question it. This is turning out to be the most productive year in this go-round yet.

Usually, I create sigils the old fasioned way with paper and ink and/or blood, but I have started to use digital media with great success. I have found this a fun way to incorporate sigils, often turning the works themselves into sigils that are having a powerful effect. I’ll use ephemeral source material that I can erace and forget, to avoid the machinations of my meddlesome conscious mind.

Of course, I have done this with music since I started recording my own material, and have been gratified by the results. Some early examples are embedded in the music I am presenting below. I bring you two songs each from Choronzon and Veil Of Thorns, both from their respective third demos, incidentally.

Visually, I have here a couple of personal excorcisms that have me already feeling good.

I’ve been coming across a lot of old material I had previously thought was gone for good. I am actually capable of intelligable vocals and understandable lyrics, but damn, I used to write a lot of songs in Norwegian. I hadn’t ralized the extent of my Norse writs. At one time my English was a little halting, beyond my social retardation, and my Norse strong and eloquent. Around the house we speak a mixture of English, Norwegian and Italian, so language is a fluid thing among us.

Apo Pantos Kanindaimonos!

It has come to my attention that there is someone who has been following along here who doesn’t know she’s been spotted. Hold on to your comfort, dear.

HA! Have fun.

I sometimes work a little magick and watch others scramble to react, not knowing even the nature of the thing that happened. Having a little help from friends makes it a delicious pot luck.

Bubble, bubble soil and stubble.



Veil Of Thorns – hollowingharrow.mp3

Veil Of Thorns – Flames Caress.mp3