I’ve been going through some weird phases of energy and lassitude this week. My insomnia has been a constant in my life since i was twelve, and the attendant madness and halucinations only feed the fire of my imagination, so that also business as usual. Deep meditation has been easy and rewarding, alternating with a sense of needing to be prepared.

I feel another layer is in the process of being sloughed off my outer manifestation, which would explain the amount of time I’m spending, wading through old materials and old memories lately. It is time to look this stuff over one last time before I thin out what I possess. I’m taking a break from the task at hand, (namely, the visual side of New World Chaos), only to spend a few minutes doing other work, like the preservation of old recordings.

Some of my older music has been letting itself be found in the oddest places. In a way, I’m digitizing and archiving these analogue recordings, so I don’t have to hold on to any old stuff. I have three audio programs and two graphic programs going most of the time, and the computer’s being kind enough freeze but once or twice a day.

As a result, there will be a run of re-releases of old Choronzon and Veil Of THorns music later this fall. I have given you a couple of mp3’s below from the Veil of Thorns rlease “Legemet Og Stemmen”, which I was absolutely certain I had lost when I came across it amongst my photos the other day. Dogface alwqays used to accuse me of releasing too much stuff, but I think this hold up surprisingly well.

Keep in mind that these songs were recorded in 1990-92 on a Tascam cassette eight track. They were experimental at the time, within a traditional somn form, and nowhere as slick as current dance or industrial music these days. I was goig for a balance of electronic instruments and songs while trying to avoid it being technopop. I have gone much further with both these elements since, but I couldn’t do what I do these days without having done this and the early Choronzon work. I know there are bootlegs of live show out there as well. I’d really appreciate it if anyone in possession of these would contact me and send me a copy.

I just got a bunch of new music to envelop the house in from Timothy The Revelator. I’ll be telling you a lot more about this as we go along here the next few days. For now, I just want to revel in the beauty of what is being shared here.

I’ve been running across a lot of people I used to know in one form or other, and have been finding it immensely gratifying to find that they’re doing their best work these days.

Veil Of Thorns_-_Puppet mp3

Veil Of Thorns_-_Legemet Og Stemmen mp3

Syng til meg dødens navn
Vis meg fred
La meg lære deg å kjenne
Synderens latter gjemmer smerte
Jeg tar imot mine piskeslag med glede
Stående på fjellet åpen til mørket
Regnets kalde kjærtegn
ber meg å være her en stund til
Isens fingre holder fast på
Min utmattede kropp
Mitt blikk er vendt opp

Jeg kommer aldri til å forlate denne verden
Min stemme vil høres i stormens lyder
Jeg vil bryte ned alt mennesker har skapt
Sammen med dem skall mitt hat forsvinne

Jeg har lyst til å være her i hele natt
Tilfreds uten andre
Påstår jeg til naturens ånd
Jeg kan se ned til byen
Fjorden og himmelen flyter
Sammen i en svart teppe
Er der ingen som vil ha
Det legeme og ånd
Som jeg må lage min selv ut av
Dagens lys gjør ondt
Natten har blodens puls
Jeg vil rive ned alt sammen