I lied when I said before I could not paint while in the pestilent family bosom, but as you can see here, it wasn’t up to my usual standard.

I was spending many hours staring into the water, until I was seeing visions. This was also the first time in years I had picked up watercolours.

It wasn’t until I’d had a shock to the system, followed by a loving and comfortiung encounter with Azrael that I again found my voice. The piece below and my portrait of Azrael, which can be see at westgatenecromantic.net were my first tentative steps back from the edge. I’m not sure why I’m having this forfenglige mimrefest, but gettin’ visual’s habitual, I pull from very deep within to write, as I’m doing for several projects at once, and I’m shaking some things off, so I don’t have to keep carrying them.

Apos Pantos Kakodaimonos!

I’ll leave you now with some more music. You’ll find the Choronzon song, Surge of Blood on offer on the following streaming playlist. Lots of stuff here, so I figure it’s worth mentioning.
Ton Of Death Stream

Let me offer here for a limited time my lovely Cover of
Necromantic Screams – by the Frosty Folks Of Switzerland. I made this quickly fro no other reason than that I wanted to. I even tried to solo like Mr.Warrior, which is more difficult than one might think.