I was happy to find the original india ink drawing of the Veil of Thorns logo a few days ago. It pays sometimes to rifle through the archives. (Boxes of old drawings and prolix jottings).

I’ve been listening to a lot of my old material in the last couple of days, as I’ve been searching for field recordings and odd sound samples for the completion of NWC. I’m realizing how much raw material I have for the Veil Of Thorns album. I’m burning more incense, lighting more candles and generally having fun with the late summers sweet lassitude. I never was part of the Goth social scene, but then again, I never was good at playing nice with any of the kids. But what I create cannot be denied. Lately the darkness is becoming more beautiful in its delicious langour.

Case in point is the fact that the track Process Of Conditioning from Panic Pandemic really could have been a Veil Of Thorns song makes evident this growing itch. It can never be quite the same without Chris McClain on bass, he truly is a monster, with a unique approach, (I could also never play with my instrument slung down by my knees), but there is so much more. It has to be done. Plus, I was working under the name Beyond Flesh a while back, but some Nümetal travesty took on a club-footed variation of this name, so they can have it. HA!!

I’ll be offering some copies of the “Lust Beyond Flesh” 7″ soon. I’ve seen folks selling this one used for $20, which is outrageous. I have some left over from the third pressing that I’ll be letting go for two dollah plus shipping, so don’t pay more than you have to. My copies have never been played, and are in mint (Process Of) condition(ing).

Veil Of Thorns – Thelema II mp3 This track shows off Chris’ more lyrical playing. It seems the bass is weeping.
Choronzon – Process Of Conditioning mp3 This one harks back to the day for me, when honkies had ways, nocturnally wearing shades frolicking through the glades…