The radio station at MIT has always been kind to me, both by playing Choronzon, and by playing and hosting live on-air performances of Veil Of Thorns.

This one features a particularly rough, rugged and raw track, featuring the pasychotic screams and bass of [info]voland.

Click the album cover to listen:

The playlist:
Morgion “To Tame A Land” [Iron Maiden] (A Call To Irons)
Xasthur “Soul Abduction Ceremony” (Split w/ Angra Mainyu)
Choronzon “Crypt-Analysis” (Psychosis Ex Machina)
Morthond “Lost In The Fog Of Dissonance” (Paths Of Desolation)
5ive “Soma” (Versus)
Isis “In Fiction” (Panopticon)
Rigor Mortis “Chained In The Attic” (Freaks)