The art just came back from the Dark Arts Fest today in great shape. I heartily thank everyone involved for organizing such a lovely event and for handling my work in such a loving manner. There will be more exhibitions coming up later in the fall, after the music has had its way.
I’ll be back here sporadically over the next few weeks, as New World Chaos unleashedness grows nearer.
You have no idea what you’re in for; it may hurt, but you’ll be grateful.

While I try to get my thoughts in order, go to the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum site and check them out. You’ll not regret it. (I know, most of you are on to the phenomenon, but let’s be generous and kind).

Oh, Money Makes Me HummmmmOh, Money Makes Me HummmmmOh, Money Makes Me HummmmmOh, Money Makes Me Hummusohmakneemakemehummusandbabaganoushganesha

One would think that being married to a certified yoga instructor would help me stick with my practice, but apart from daily qi-gong exercises and pranayama, I do precious little hatha yoga these days. While my brain has been doing some incredible contortions, (Don’t let this meandering entry fool you), I can now barely get my legs behind my shoulders. Something needs to be done about that!

What do people do when they’re not recording music writing books or painting? I seem to have forgotten. Pondering this makes me grateful. Sometimes I’ll let the thought that I could be earning 40 grand plus a year easily with the last company I left play at the edges of my consciousness, but after a nanosecond I remember how it felt to work there. (shivers, spine tingles…)

I seem to have been born without the ability to care about what is said about me, not a good quality to have if you want to survive in the corporate world where reputation and status is the coin of the realm. On the other hand, I tend to be open and gregarious, which aspect of me that has led me into the most trouble. Society has been set up to make certain paths easy to travel and any that diverge from these difficult.
I have a wife who loves me, supports my work, doesn’t complain about the many luxuries and quite a few necessities we can’t afford right now. So, overall it’s better now than it has ever been.

So here we are.

Socially I’ve always been a retard.
I’ve come to admire that quality in me.