Every now and then I read something that expresses my deepest feelings, brightest hopes and darkest dread. This work, which was passed on to me by the author’s wife, blew me away. (Not a statement I maike often). I have often advocated dropping out for a while, even from our comfortable circles of artists and freaks so we have a better perspective of who and where we are. This is what the author did here, and the resulting statement is a challenge to us all.

On the surface, this is a a book about a physical challenge; a kayak journey around Newfoundland during spring and summer of 1997, but what the reader is rewarded with is the profound insights and unique perspective of the mess we’re in, and each individuals culpability in relation to the society that even freaks like us have helped shape, either through acceptance and apathy or blind, panic-filled states of constant reaction. Michael Paul Samson challenges us here through his own example, and a commitment he continues to show as a homesteader and a truly alive rebel, taking charge of his own world. There is not an aspect of his life, and the life of his family that doesn’t serve his will, as Uncle Al would have said.

On this amazing journey, paddling for several months in a kayak, Mr.Samson has a lot of time to ponder the incredible beauty that surrounds him, while at the same time feeling an immense sadness and anger at what the tourist trade, shady government plans, and the flight of young people from the small towns are doing to this savagely beautiful part of the earth. We are privileged to be given access to his thoughts on the society he came from, the history of Newfoundland and what is being done to us from the moment we’re born. Every word is a challenge to my own art, and tells me how important every choice I make in life is.

6.21.97 I’ve watched teachers mutate – young, energetic, inspired, overflowing with ideas – as they joined the old regime. Within days they’ve been stripped and degraded, told their methods of teaching will never work. “We’re not interested.” By the following week they’re handing out assignments and sitting mortified at their desks.

The same sheets our mothers saw…
My children will never be subjected to that lie.

That last sentaence shows some of the spirit of this work. And the title is a statement of positive action. We seem to have so many reasons to despair, but as Michael Paul Samson tells us an exciting yarn filled with wild adventure, gorgeous land and seascapes, characters met who are so unusual they can only be from real life on the outskirts of civilization, he tells a tale of hope, as it springs from the heart and mind of one who is awake. His path is not for all, nor does he advocate that. He’s more subversive than that: he challenges us to actively create our world, for we’ll get what we deserve either way.

You all owe it to yourselves to get a copy of this book, preferably several to hand out to all your friends.

Love Under Will


Y0ou can purchase the book here:

May We Rant and Roar No More: A Sea Kayak Journey Around Newfoundland