I have a couple of demo mixes of songs from the forthcoming Veil Of Thorns album for you today. I shall be living with the rough and unpolished tracks while I finish writing the rest of the album. There’ll be other goodies to come later.

I took a break from the NWC transduction just to get this off my chest. Now I shall resume with heightened vigour on the morrow.

I’m leaving it to [info]monde what we let slip from NWC, and when.

Dogface McClain was always watching me closely, lest I become Operatic of voice, or overly muso in temprament. I do still keep that in mind, but it is feeling really good to play around with melody these days, and Goth, in its dark beauty, is always thrilling to me. I haven’t sung properly in over two years, but I feel pretty while listening to these rough tracks. Longtime devotees of Veil Of Thorns may remember hearing these two live, or on Bats In the Belfry many years back on WMBR:

Veil Of Thorns – Inner Sanctum

Veil Of Thorns – Dream Shadow

I’ve been told by a few folks that there are enough media enclosures in this journal for them to feel justified grabbing the xml feed for their iPods. In light of that, I have entered some easy ways to grab the feed below:

Center Of Pestilence (Barrel Of Monkeys)

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