I’m up to my neck in transduction at the moment. This is the best drug I’ve ever tried. I’m going down dark tunnels and through the core to be spit out upon the Universe with Choronzon NWC while alternating with some pretty, pretty Goth for the next Veil Of Thorns. As always, I have several things going on that are feeding and gaining momentum off eachother. I promise there’ll be escapes as we go along here. [info]monde seems happy so far with my humble efforts on the album. Don’t take my word for it, go to Choronzon.org and hear for yourself; it’s going to be special, though, some have described the appearance of this endeavour as mental.

That’s good. We’l be bringing you some righteous Heavy Mental.

I have often been asked if I get confused while juggling various projects at once. I don’t. I have found that jumping between disparate things to bring a fresh outlook to what is in process, even if I just get up and paint for a half hour.

Choronzon – Reaping The Whirlwind MP3