Choronzon will be appearing on two compilations in the near future. Firstly, [info]monde, at the helm of Choronzon West, shall have a track on “Women Take Back The Noise“, an album showcasing women industrial artists, to be released by ubuibi. Their site is definitely worth checking out.

Additionally, confirmation has arrived from Krullenzith that the “Visions of Destruction” compilation, including one Choronzon track, is soon to be released. Brought to you by the fine folks at Chaotic Goat Records, this promises to be one of the few compilations worth getting. This has been a long time coming, but it’ll be worth the wait.

Chaotic Goat Records in their own words: There has been a few Chaotic Goat releases over the past few years includeing demos, EPs, and full lengths from Crimson Massacre, To Scale the Throne, Splinters of Death, Krullenzith, and Gates of Enoch.

Herr Krullenzith also finds time to create music with several projects including Gog, (It was inevitable), Gates of Enoch and indded, Krullenzith.

Confirmed Bands for “Visions of Destruction” are:

Adversary of Existence
Bound in Human Flesh
Forever Mourne
Gates of Enoch
Lament Configuration
Lord Beherit
Splinters of Death
Terra Noir

And get the Panic Pandemic download or podcast, already. They will not be up forever.