Now I bring you another freebie: CD1 of Panic Pandemic is now available for download here:
The zip file includes cover art, disc and the tray inlay art. When you burn it to CD, be sure to leave no time between the tracks, as they flow into one another. Feel free to trade this album, as long as no commercial use is made of it.

Trust me when I say; this is but a preview of what’s to come.

Coming in July is a ritual involving Choronzon’s East and West, squeezing the American continemnt with pressure from both sides. What is to ensue will make this one seem like AOR radio.

The mick #17 is out! For those few of you who don’t know, this is one of the best deals you will ever find, and he does it again, month after month. (I don’t know how. A lesser human would have burned out by this point. The amount of loving work that goes into this magazine can be seen on every page). The Mick is the magazine released foir free every month, or so by none other than Mick Mercer, the man of many Goth books, venerable music journalist, and the sharpest pen in the business. This issue is 112 pages long, featuring tons of reviews, interviews with IKON, Abney Park, Monica’s Last Prayer, Tears For The Dying, Veronique Diabolioque, Villa Vortex and Zombina & The Skeletones just to name a few. If you read this and tell me you didn’t discover a new artist, you’re lying.

Go to this page to download:
Right click and ‘Save Target As’