The pre-order page is now up for Panic Pandemic! As I said earlier, the initial volume will be a full color book with writings and tons of art in a limited edition of 333 copies, (of course), copies will be signed and numbered and will come with two full-length CDs of brand new material.

The release is set for the middle of July for this, then New World Chaos will be unleashed, leaving an opening to the Abyss in time-space continuum.There are some details on the page, which shall be updated frequently over the next week.
The podcast and other items will be removed on the release date, so grab them while you can. I’ll put the buttons here as well, out of crass commercial motivations. Those of you who don’t have access to Paypal can email me to make other arrangements.

Order here while you can:

And, I’have something for you right now. I haven’t forgotten my earlier promise. The first of the promised freebies is the podcast of the entire first CD included in the book:
Choronzon Panic PandemicThe first thirteen songs are from the album, followed by a few other items. Play it loud!

If you don’t have a podcast-friendly rss aggregator, you can go here or here to download a client.

Just for the sheer shamelessness of it. You can use this button to buy art, as well.