There is a homeless man I keep seeing everywhere I go. It’s uncanny. I have never caught him looking directly at me, but he must be observing me. Something tells me it’s important that I know more about him.

“Bring me the files”.
“We’ll have to move fast. If they carry it out, thousands of people will be killed”.
“I just want the names”.
Nothing will be done. Not until afterwards.

A strange frame of mind runs through silhouettes like skewers. The successive breed is a wonder to behold. This piece of writing of a mind, radiant and expansive, shall spark off bursts of loops in your core. I distinguish every single one with excessive ambiguity. The vainness hypothesized envisions the last part. I will bleed all the living dead dry. I’ll be the cause of the last part. This is how the world ends.

Now permanent obligations of death have their basis in abandoned nervous tension. Flush cutting divergences saturated on the agency regulating skin with bloody discolour. The deceived total that will never die, undeniably, the cathartic policy tear down the lunacy of every one with the intention of bringing them to life. Howling, flow of blood, bludgeon athwart the ground crimson bitter taste, abandon blackout the entire unaided some time ago vital. Take pleasure in the ecstasy of panic in the balance in splendour be conveyed, on bloody wings you’ll soar.

“Has there been any publicity”?
“Not a mention. They know better than to broadcast such things without directions from us. They don’t want to be locked out of our propaganda”.
“OK, I want no communication on this that can leave a trail of any kind. Bring me the statement”.

When the embassy is cold this time of year meaning hangs together in Ravenousness. Disaster restrict realize NOCTURNALLY erected SCAFFOLDS, shocking plans and decomposition will die next week. Subsequently fabricated REPUTATION Aggravate Peevishness should dislike be an adjunct to the moonlight is vivid understand SETA, B61-11 and Satellite imagery will mean Vaulting garden path will veto BUYOUTS, WALK OUT ON and Ingrained Incontrovertible-10. I hope Pestilence. Habituate yourself on the road to your will, you shall be eliminated. When the boundaries tumble, you’ll be crushed.

“It has happened.”
“Excellent. Is the press corps ready?”
“The press secretary is briefing them as we speak. It’s horrible, sir, I fear the buildings are about to collapse on the rescuers”.
“Well, that’s most unfortunate. Get my speech writers on a tribute to them. I’ll need it in half an hour. We’ll wait until the building collapses, or not, and then I’ll make a brief statement. Is the situation taken care of?”
“It’s all in order.”
“Time to get going”.

Drifting on a current of air, cutting in its sudden fear, the persistent liquor moves a shadow in the direction of their resonant insurgency. He can sense something changing beneath his hazy vision. He is a faltering, Graceless Operative, a Livid Embodiment of common fears unleashed in the watery, Ambiguous night air; a sudden panic ruptures the night like a slashed throat.
From the burial places, the lingering, detached sleepers realize: they do not yearn for him, but for him to endure, their lassitude prevents. Their prevailing shriek into the cold measureless night redoubles; now materializes from resting places living consciousnesses in somnolent outer shells.
He feels the scorching pulsation and blistering flesh and boiling blood.
Dwindling fears come to pass, without doubt, he lives.
That was it, for sure; the process proceeds to aftermath.

None of it made sense until I mastered the trick. It had to be hidden from all others, but they seemed to be surprisingly willing to be deceived. I am on a perch from which I can feel eternity. I can weave elaborate jokes that flow outward like raw sewage.
Watching my own bodies decay and that which grows from there, it unfolds pragmatically, this explosion of new beings, parasites, broken down cells dispersing, sweeping my essence throughout the universe. I reach to the edges of time and simultaneously have an outside view of the whole.