Ontological Anarchism

I was blinded submerged in shade
Stained fearless by my unsound rage
I’m unbounded by the hills around my valley
Sea of misery deluged my shelter and raised my valley
It swam me to mauled in distress
It avoided the formless faith in restraint
Flooded with the presence of tempests near-term
Forestalling control of unstable doubt and disquiet

Lament in the pandemic, rooted in instance and position
Heavens and Shock in the air decay in derision
The agitation has eased and the risk abated
And those faith-adorned have uprooted its identity
Brave retractions have betrayed my collapse
Possession has seared you to the Body of abandon
Formless danced the conflict procurers
Rapturous sighs of ecstasy and the chaos of dawn

Confidence flowed to create the storm
Triumph flourishes, extinction unobserved
Viral fury and the horror of us, of you
Choronzon burns up the Human frenzy
Contrasting illusive rides on the current
It shrills in the intention of illusory crisis

Process of Conditioning

At arms length, laughing, disowning
Languid in comfort: all is left without
Liquid astonishment stings within
The entire transpires officially authorized
Nobody comes near time in false witness
Changes of scene and attitude
We lie alone, love scorned, fear praised
Insanity ratified by poison comities

Wary of others abuse, excited over their crimes
All come down like hail on us
Never, always invoking never in our actions
And desire, directed by associations
Paying the penance in a dream of genocide
Implicit retraction of self/ non-self
Mind/ no-mind reconciled in fire
Forged into blasphemous manipulations

Anarchy reiterates blame
A systematic loop of approach and imprisonment
Feeling as a concept of self definition
Expression in language and art
Declaration of I am and we are

We deviate from the path, lose sight
Why is the answer received you should not be
We’re drawn out by desire, chained by want
Our emergence exposes our vulnerability
A matter of trust, not to be killed

A formless oppressor rides lost shamans
In our lusts, do we disintegrate dying?
Mortality’s figurative oratory fades away

The Machine in Repose

Silence of weird mercy, its grinding stilled
In that one-time incarnation as a wolf I ravened
CRYPTIC revulsion authority augments the FLESH
I am at one with the Machine
It consumes me to induce submission

The science of being; a dissection of nothingness
An inhuman presence in the Fiendish morass
Bless this Breathless Cry in the radiance of our curse
I move nations with the Machine
And glory in its cold embrace

Disdain Transcends

My path is black
I am sinking exultantly
In the throat of exclusion
Motiveless escalation exalted
Salient verses lobbing the curses
Dried and subversive
Meekly discursive decree
A disfigurement on my unfamiliar skin
This lies beyond my hope
I am the last thing
This is the last act
I am the last thing that shouts into the void

Human Rites (Schizoanalysis)

Ride the lifeless Vision of silence soaring
So consumed, the empire being no longer stated
Pouring out compulsion, elevated through our fall
Flailing through chaos, I run once more

The surface unchanged, the population rearranged
The plan of the chart; symbols of the all
Abase yourself with dilemmas achingly strange
The representation has become the object as fated

Leave unravelled all we have done
Disconnect and reconnect masses and surroundings
Banish with laughter the enchantment of absurdity
Consciousness excess faithless from want of stimulus
Assemble abstract technology that decays in sleep
Excessive evidence of us unfolded on all sides

Viral Linguistics

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