Psicoterror, one of my favorite ‘zines from South America is still going strong. Each issue coninues to imrove on the previous and represents a definite Satanic viewpoint. I’ve seen so many people come and go in the underground. Issue eight has just been unleashed. I’m quite excited and proud to be in the new issue. I’ve known of Psicoterror for years. Hr. Parodi hasn’t lost the underground spirit. I suggest anyone who remembers to check it out.

Choronzon “Era Vulgaris” CD

Foamin’ Sodomy Records.

Do you remember the interview I did back in 1998 with
the American Black Industrial project Choronzon? They
released an album back then with Samoth’s label
Nocturnal Art. After that, I believed Choronzon was
dead. And I was dead wrong. Because, they have been
releasing albums. This one would be the 2nd one,
released after their debut “Magog Agog”. Foamin Sodomy
rec, is P. Emerson Williams own label, created after
Samoth refused to release this album through his
label. Why? Perhaps the sales, the complexity of a
project not intended to a massive audience?
Ok, unlike its predecessor, this album sounds much
more “accessible”, if that could be the right term…I
mean, it remains experimental, and with the same
industrial elements, but they remain not that evident.
It is a very black metal album, melodic (yes, that is
the correct term), very focused in the Nordic BM
sound…to describe each song would be very difficult,
as it doesn’t present common song structures, but the
riffs are highly interesting. I recommend this album
not only to those interested in the bizarre
soundscapes of the band, but also the every BM fan.

Choronzon “Psychosis ex Machina” CD
Foamin Sodomy Productions.
The new album, after the release of their previous
“Era Vulgaris”, P. Emerson surprises us with a new
sonic assault. This time Choronzon isn’t a solo
project, cause this recording counts with the
participation of another musician.
Well, to the point: the previous album was kind of
“accessible” to listen to. This one, accumulates the
bizarre structures and understandable “melodies” of
the debut, but considerably increased. And that is too
much, if you ask me…you just have to listen to these
uncommonly written songs with patience and interest.
If you’re looking for an easy and catchy album, then
this is not for you. Quite frankly, this is sometimes
very tedious to listen and understand. I wouldn’t even
consider this release as Black Metal, although it
possesses some basis of this style. And the aesthetics
and concept are as bizarre and shocking as the music
itself. Then again, I’ll not describe the songs, as
that would be almost an impossible task…but if I can
describe the general atmosphere surrounding the album,
that would be: chaos, desperation, aggression. You’ve
been warned.

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