Several people I have on my watch-list have been expressing concern over current political trends and calling for the illumination and awakening of the public at large. I’ve been involved in a number of such efforts, and have observed many others. Before I lay out everything I’ve been brooding on I’ll leave a couple of things I’ve found on the web, one frightening, the other diverting. First is the This American Life episode called “The Secret Government”, the second is one of my favorite goofball late night AM radio programs, Coast To Coast. I have had periods of paranoia that were more comfortable than moments of insight, as the reality is far worse than we tend to speculate.
I enjoyed a lovely seder on passover, at the same time I was listening to some Russian NSBM. It amuses me that these people who’d be among the first to be eliminated by a fascist government posture on its behalf. During the Soviet regime they’d rebel by adopting the Russian Orthodox faith. I always put in comments of how much I liked living in the midst of the Jewish community in Brookline in BM ‘zines, and it was interesting how many time the references were removed from the article or jumbled beyond recognition.
I go back to early interviews with Samoth, Dimmu Borgir and other greater and lesser lights of the Blackmetal scene, and I find it striking how their comments contrast with what we can expect from them in interviews these days. I wondered at the time if any of them meant the political rants and calls for anti-Christan warfare, but the talk of a Satanic world domination was a lovely thought, at least aesthetically. While the burning of churches and all the other unproductive shenanigans were wasted energy, they did express a manifest current that was trying to find a way to break through. I don’t think any of them knew what had a hold of them. Sometimes the most powerful currents can be tapped into by the most ignorant. Rebellion has been commodified and co-opted by the dominant media. Nu-metal has made any expression of disenfranchisement and alienation laughable, topics that made the writings of Richard Wright so powerful and exhilarating in his artistry. Punk has been turned into bubblegum, Industrial into Disco. Movements like dada and existentialism are no longer possible, as art no longer matters, and the alienation expressed by Sartre and Richard Wright finds a similar reaction and audience as the whiny juvenalia of J. D. Salinger and Sylvia Plath; things to get maudlin about and wallow in while young, so as to slough it off and join society later on.