I love putting out press releases. It makes me feel special. I got a place in the artshow part ofThe Salt Lake City Dark Arts Festival and promptly fired off a statement. Earlier in the week I posted a few new songs for download: Choronzon- Process Of Conditioning, Choronzon- Disdain Transcends and Chronzon- Our Cacophonus Ghosts. THese are to be a part of “Panic Pandemic”, release date unknown, probably after “New World Chaos” has been unleashed.

Gothic artist P. Emerson Williams shall have recent works on display at The Salt Lake City Dark Arts Festival as part of his unveiling of several new directions in his work. Known in the early Nineties Goth revival as the artist in residence at Ghastly magazine and illustrator for many other Goth and occult publications, Mr. Williams was out of the public eye for a few years during which he went more deeply into his occult studies. This period of study and meditation was ended with the release of “Era Vulgaris” and “Psychosis Ex Machina”, the second and third Choronzon albums and an increased web presence with Foamin’ Bone Productions. The artist has spent the last year concentrating on the publications of the art book Enshroud and the forthcoming “Panic Pandemic”, and shall be unveiling several of the works of this cycle at the festival. This is the first public viewing of the artists work since the closing of Garp Gallery, a gallery he helped found and run in downtown Orlando, Florida. The Salt Lake City Dark Arts Festival is a perfect fit for the work of P. Emerson Williams. It is organized and attended by people dedicated to unique independent expression, offering an opportunity for underground artists, musicians, performance artist and audiences a chance to experience creativity outside an increasingly vapid and shallow mainstream.
P. Emerson Williams got an early start working for small literary and art magazines in the mid eighties and soon gained a reputation for being unique and resourceful. His work was reflecting more and more his fascination with far eastern meditation techniques and universal archetypes. His very method of working incorporated these elements through a method of automatic drawing and writing. Different media such as oil paint, acrylic paint, wood, modelling paste, watercolour and pen and ink were exploited for their various textures and feel to inform the subconscious mind. These experiments were then used as a springboard, either torn or recombined as collages or as under painting for more complete images. P. Emerson Williams proceeded to exhibit at the Agora Gallery in New York, Westgate Gallery in New Orleans and Elfenblut Gallery in London. Three years ago he moved to Winter Park, Florida where he helped found Garp Gallery and exhibited extensively at their downtown location, as we as participating in the monthly Third Thursdays events and painting live with other Garp artists as Garp In The Dark. He continues to be fascinated with animals as archetypes, as well as beautiful and unique subjects.

Dark Arts Festival, June 3-5, 2005 @ Area 51, 451 S. 400 W., Salt Lake City, UT. Valid 18+ ID required.