Necrofuturist Episode 26 – The Past is Dead

In this time when you can feel the quickening of a new beginning
Even as all you see is dead
And the heat of the flames before you
make you grateful for the freezing moon outside
The past is dead, the future is now
Shooting past you, receding into the distance
The darkening day – necro
The pale, feeble first light of dawn – futurist
The blood exits, becomes cold
Midnight confessions are told
Buried memory is unearthed


Life’s Decay – Sulvisyan
Camp Z – The Right To
Sal Solaris – Urok Sna
Murnau’s Playhouse – Bloodstopper
Laætherstrip – It’s Who I Am (AAAK remix)
The New Regime – Haunt My Mind
Los Carniceros Del Norte – El Pozo y el Pendulo

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